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Your Wedding Day Options During Covid-19

Updated: Mar 25

The Coronavirus, or Covid-19, has caused a lot of uncertainty and has put most people's lives on pause. My heart aches for everyone who has lost their job, who has loved ones at risk, who has their dreams on hold. My heart aches for the couples who have had to postpone their wedding, who are confused, frustrated, and upset. I see you. I feel your distress. I am here for you and will be the sponge that absorbs your anxiety and your stress. If this is you, if your heart is aching because you are facing the possibility of having to postpone or cancel your wedding, I want you to know that you have options. You are not alone and we will get through this together!

Opting for an Elopement Wedding So many couples are unable to find a day that works to reschedule their wedding and are, heartrendingly, looking to cancel. I urge you to consider eloping! It allows you to keep your wedding day and still marry your soulmate as you had intended! Eloping is such a beautiful and intimate way to promise forever to the love of your life. You can wear your gorgeous wedding dress, do your hair and makeup, have the bouquet of your dreams, and exchange your vows in a breathtaking location. Just the two of you (and your photographer, of course!). Eloping allows you to still celebrate your love on the day that you had planned. You can still have a big party with all of your loved ones after restrictions are lifted! Bonus: You can wear wedding attire twice!

Oping for an Intimate Wedding

If you are looking to cancel because you want to have those that are closest to you attend your wedding, consider an intimate wedding! Intimate weddings are an amazing way to have, in this case, up to seven of your closest people by your side (well, 6ft apart!) while you marry your best friend. Intimate weddings are such a beautiful way to incorporate your mom, dad, sister, and others who you are close to without breaking the "more than 10" people restriction. You can still have your wedding on the date planned, you can still wear that gorgeous gown, have that stunning bouquet with your family by your side. As with elopement weddings, you can still have a big party with your friends and other family members as restrictions clear! Tips Contact your vendors sooner rather than later

We are all navigating this uncharted territory together, so chances are your vendors are busy trying to work out the kinks as well! The sooner your reach out to us, the sooner we can get start helping you plan your elopement wedding or intimate wedding!

Plan for a weekday wedding

Not only are weekday weddings a fantastic option for people wanting to avoid crowds, but it is also a great option during this time because it is likely that the weekends are filling up quickly with people hoping to reschedule.

2021 brides It is never too early to start planning your 2021 wedding! Definitely reach out to start this process. A lot of couples are having to push their weddings to 2021, filling up vendor calendars so it is definitely worth reaching out right now! Kindness, understanding, and empathy This is such a stressful time. I cannot even imagine what you are going through right now. I know that you are making some very difficult decisions right now. I know that you have spent the last several years planning your wedding. Please know that I am here for you in every aspect as you choose to go forward with an elopement or intimate wedding as opposed to a big wedding. I believe that you can have an absolutely beautiful wedding day, with your love at the center of it all, when you choose to elope!

What can I do to help?

I will be here for you every step of the way, I will help you plan, provide a location guide with recommendations, and I will also help you create your perfect wedding day timeline. As an elopement and intimate wedding photographer, there is nothing that I love more than helping couples plan a wedding that is love-soaked and unique to who you are as a couple. My goal is to help streamline your wedding planning so that you can focus on what really matters: the amazing love that you two have for each other. So if you are stuck and not sure how to move forward, I would love to chat with you to help you navigate this and help you plan your elopement or intimate wedding! Click here to start planning your wedding!

Stay safe and stay healthy! -Bailee

PS: Please make sure to follow all CDC guidelines at this time. Your safety is my number one concern!