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Top 5 Reasons to Elope

It's no secret that swapping a big, production type wedding for a smaller, more intimate elopement or intimate wedding is becoming more and more popular! If you're finding yourself torn between eloping or having a traditional wedding, these top five reasons to elope might help you in your decision!

1. Stress-free Wedding Day Planning a wedding can be very stressful and anxiety inducing for a lot of people for a lot of reasons. There are so many choices to make! Where will you get married? Who will be on the guestlist? Will you have a plated dinner or a buffet? A band or a DJ? What about signature drinks? What color table cloths? And the list goes on. Even when you've sorted all of this out, often times your friends and family will interject with their unsolicited opinions. Even with a wedding planner, planning a wedding is no easy feat. There are a million decisions to make, a million tasks to complete, a thousand people with opinions on how your wedding should be, taking a day that should be about you and the love of your life to a day about everyone else.

Choosing to elope or have an intimate wedding allows you to have a stress-free wedding day that is just for you! No expectations to uphold, just love to celebrate in a way that is authentic to you and the love of your life! Your own timeline, your own activities, your own way! If you're thinking that eloping is totally you, click here for a list of elopement day activities to get your gears turning!

2. Flexibility

When you only have to worry about the two of you, eloping gives you the flexibility to change locations, times, or even the day due to unforeseen circumstances like weather. For instance, Colorado summers usually experience afternoon thunderstorms almost every single day! It's like clockwork! So if your elopement or intimate wedding is looking like it's going to experience bad weather, you have the flexibility to change your plans and still have an AMAZING experience!

Having a photographer who knows Colorado like the back of their hand, you can trust that I will do whatever it takes to make sure that the two of you have the best day of your life in the most gorgeous of locations! So if you're ready for the adventure of a lifetime, click here to plan the elopement or intimate wedding of your dreams!

3. Adventure

Do you love the idea of waking up before the sun, packing your bouquet, lacing up your hiking boots, and trekking up a trail to an alpine lake to stand hand in hand, promising forever to each other as the sunrise dances on the mountain tops? Or maybe you love the idea of exploring the vastness of the desert, just the two of you with the sand under your feet as you watch the sun set among the red rocks as you end your elopement by dancing beneath the moonlight lit up by a campfire? Or maybe you two love traveling to new places, you love to dive into the culture and explore everything this new country has to offer. To say your vows surrounded by the gorgeous waterfalls of Iceland, or the breathtaking mountains in Europe, or maybe you deserts of Morocco!

However you plan your elopement, it can be the adventure of a lifetime and an experience you relive over and over again through your images! If you're reading this and getting goosebumps just thinking about your adventurous elopement, click here to connect and plan your elopement!

4. Environmentally Friendly There are many reasons to elope, one of them being the environmental impact of eloping can be very small! For instance, an average wedding produces 400 lbs of waste! That is just one wedding, if you multiply that number by the thousands of weddings happening a year, that number is mind boggling! Eloping with just the two of you, or even a handful of people, means that hundreds of people will not be traveling to your wedding, reducing carbon emissions.

Eloping eliminates the need for a ton of food. If you're just providing food for the two of you or up to 20 people, there is far less waste and you can even opt for local options.

Eloping allows you to even go paperless! If you do want to announce your elopement, you can do so online. However, if you are pulled to send something tangible you can opt for recycled paper!

Last, and certainly not the least, eloping puts the seven principles of Leave No Trace into action! If you are unfamiliar with these principles, I got you!

Click here to read up on these seven important principles!

5. You value experiences over stuff

Maybe you value experiences over things.

Maybe you're like me, maybe the traditional way of doing things doesn't resonate with you.

Maybe you would rather spend your day exploring this beautiful planet with your soulmate instead of spending your day at the mercy of a timeline.

Maybe you would rather stand atop of a 14er, snowshoe to an alpine lake, explore your favorite National Park or State Park.

Maybe being in the center of attention isn't your thing.

Maybe the idea of something a little more intimate and rugged sounds way more beautiful than having to impress a bunch of people you might not know.

If this sounds like you, if you are drawn to a wedding that is so much more intimate and personal, click here and let's chat about what your elopement day looks like!

My desire is to provide an intimate and safe space so that you can unapologetically have the elopement or intimate wedding of your dreams! I am so excited to connect with you and photograph your elopement or intimate wedding in a way that tells your unique story!