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Things to do on your Elopement Day!

Updated: Feb 6

Having an elopement or intimate wedding gives you and your partner the freedom and flexibility to plan a wedding as unique as you are!

You may often hear, "eloping means getting to do whatever you want!" and as that is absolutely true, it can also be overwhelming!

So what does this even mean? Where do you even start while planning a day that reflects you as a couple? I recommend sitting down together and writing out all of the activities you love to do together as a couple, what activities mean the most to you, and which ones are special. However, if you are looking for ideas to get you started, you are in the right place!

Here is a list of activities or ceremony ideas that you can incorporate into your elopement or intimate wedding! Elopement Day Activities: Sunrise hike Skiing/snowboarding Painting on canvas Rock climb Stargaze Hammock Swim in a lake Hot air balloon ride Rafting Helicopter ride Play music together Have a campfire Go to a hot springs Go to a National Park Or State Park Jeeping Canyoneering Visit a new place Or have your elopement at a place that means the most to you Get a cake Snowshoe Canoe Backpack Camp Go to breakfast Watch the sunset Have a first dance Do a first look Have a picnic Get a bouquet Kayak Watch your favorite movie Get your hair/makeup done Hike to an alpine lake Ceremony Ideas: Plant a tree Read a poem Sing a song Handfasting Love letter box Pop champagne Unity canvas painting Release a sky lantern Lasso ceremony Blanket unity Pot a plant Cleanse the feet or hands Tie a unity knot Time capsule There are so many activities that you could do on your wedding day! If you are craving something a little more intimate, a little more adventurous, and want something that reflects you as a couple, let's connect to plan the elopement or intimate wedding of your dreams!