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Eloping: Changing The Narrative

At the beginning of 2020, I photographed a hiking, snowshoe elopement in Colorado. The trail was about two miles long, and it was an absolutely perfect Colorado day! We passed several people along the way, all of them congratulated the bride and the groom and were blown away that Becca was hiking in her wedding dress! We stopped to take some portraits when we were approached by two ladies who asked what we were up to. I explained that Becca and Dan were getting married at the end of the trail with the Colorado Rockies as their backdrop. They then asked about the wedding and if they were having a bigger one later that day, to which they replied, "nope! We are eloping, so this is our wedding!" I then explained how eloping is different today and an amazing alternative for couples who want something a little more intimate and adventurous! The two ladies looked at each other and said, "wow! Eloping used to mean running away to get married! It's so cool that you are doing this!" Eloping has changed so much, even within the last year! These two sweet ladies were absolutely right, the formal definition of "elope" is to run away secretly in order to get married, especially without parental consent. But today, eloping means something completely different! So what does it mean now? How has it changed? What is the difference between eloping and having an intimate wedding? Isn't eloping just couples trying to save money?

Today, eloping means choosing to forgo a big, stressful wedding for something more intimate, adventurous, and unique. Eloping gives couples a different option, it gives couples a way to get exchange vows in the most intimate way, surrounded by jaw-dropping scenery or with a handful of those closest to you. Eloping also allows couples the freedom to plan a day that is unique to them without having to plan around everyone else's schedules, allowing the day to be centered around the most important thing - the couples love! Eloping allows environmentally conscious couples to seriously put that into action, as eloping can significantly reduce environmental impacts! Eloping allows for awkward or stressful family dynamics to melt away. There are a hundred new definitions of the word "elope," but I believe that one of the most important definitions of the word elope is to have an adventurous, intimate and safe space to unapologetically have the wedding of your dreams!

You've probably seen the words "elope" and "intimate wedding" thrown around a lot these days! And for good reason! They are two alternatives to having a traditional wedding. So what is the difference between eloping and having an intimate wedding? Eloping typically involves just three or four people, the couple, the photographer, and, depending on where you are choosing to elope, an officiant. That's it! You can still have the wedding dress of your dreams and a stunning bouquet, you've just chosen to profess your love for one another in a more private and beautiful way! What is an intimate wedding? An intimate wedding is a smaller, more intimate gathering of those closest to you and your soulmate, typically up to 20 people. This option is such an amazing option for couples who still want to have the ones that they love most to witness such a beautiful day for you as a couple. There is even a third option! Combining the two! That is the beauty of opting for a smaller wedding, you get to completely customize it to fit your perfect day!

Whether you are just beginning your research on eloping, finding your photographer, or have chosen to opt-out of a big wedding because your heart is being pulled to something a little more intimate and adventurous, and eloping feels so much more you. I completely get it! I would absolutely love to connect with you and help you plan the adventurous elopement or intimate wedding of your dreams!

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